We are a company that has many years of experience in the textile industry. We produce thermoactive clothes by using the newest technologies available on the market and by working only with the best and reliable suppliers. In order to meet the expectations of our clients, and this group is getting bigger day by day, we study their needs. Thanks to that we are able to face up to the increasingly growing requirements imposed on thermoactive clothes and we can provide our products to a wide range of recipients.


During production we use the most modern knitted materials and techniques available in Europe, such as:

Gas sublimation - this technique is used especially in case of white fabrics made of polyester, neoprene, etc. It is perfect for putting an imprint on articles like: umbrellas, sport clothes, backpacks, banners, flags, mugs promotional leashes and narrow tapes. Sublimation is a process of changing the state from solid directly to gas, without changing to liquid.

The plotter-cut imprint, made on a special sublimation paper, is transferred with the use of a high-temperature press on a product - the number of colours in this technique is unlimited.

This type of imprint is distinguished by the high resistance and is absorbed in the structure of a fibre, which makes it smooth. This technique enables the making of small imprints and printing various versions for one design without changing the cost much.

The SILVER PROTECTION knitted material with the ions of silver is elastic, soft and pleasant in touch. It has antibacterial and anti-allergic fibres.
Triple mode of action of silver ions:
- Blocking of oxygen transported by enzymes
- Inactivation of sulphur contained in the proteins of bacterium
- Closing of cell membrane


Sanitized® Silver is a very effective antibacterial preparation put on the material in the process of finishing (impregnation). The main reason of using this finish is to prevent unpleasant smell. Sanitized® is a hygienic layer on the outdoor clothes. Bacteria reproduce on sweaty, wet and warm material and increase the smell of sweat. The hygienic function of Sanitized® works in a way similar to a build-in "deodorant", it slows down the development of unpleasant smells on the material. Sanitized® enables you to feel comfortably and freely all the time. Sanitized® works for a long time and is highly resistant to washing. It also creates the fail-safe and long-lasting protection against bacteria and mould. Clothes finished in this way enable the feeling of comfort even in the most difficult situations. Sanitized® Silver has the certificate of Oeko-Tex Standard 100.

COOLMAX is a modern polyester fibre produced by the ADVANSA concern and used to produce thermoactive underwear. Its main goal is to provide good body ventilation and keep the surface of the skin dry. The section of the Coolmax fibre consists of four or six circles that have narrowings between them. This fibre structure provides better breathability and better moisture removal from the body surface in comparison to natural fibres (e.g. cotton). This fibre, contrary to some older thermoactive fabrics, is distinguished by the large UV resistance, thanks to which, it doesn't gradually decompose on the sun and doesn't give off a bad odour. The underwear made of Coolmax provides the feeling of dryness and body cooling.


ThermoCool combines the merits of Coolmax and Thermolite knitted materials, where the Thermolite fibres provide excellent thermal insulation properties, and the Coolmax fibres perfectly absorb moisture. Thanks to such a mixture, this knitting material is distinguished by its small weight. It is also pleasant in touch.
Drain Moinsture 3D

The use of a modern material, such as the knitted material with the Drain Moisture 3D structure, enables better air circulation. Thanks to the micro channels, the moisture that appears on the surface of the skin is quickly transported on the outside of your clothes, where it will vaporise quickly. Thanks to the Drain Moisture 3D structure, the whole body breaths, and by that it eliminates the feeling of moisture.
Polar Microfleece

The multi-channel polyester with the bottom layer of Microfleece is a modern, soft and elastic material with the bottom layer of microfleece. Its main advantage are the excellent thermal properties that prevent heat loss, and the additional finish with the Silver Plus silver ions provides the antibacterial protection for your skin. The external layer of the material is distinguished by the smooth surface, while the internal layer, made of microfleece, is very pleasant for the body.

Windproof trilayer Membrane:
- External layer (Polyamide net),
- Middle layer (WIND-STOPPER membrane),
- Internal layer (Microfleece).
The used technology of the trilayer plywood provides the comfort of use and the feeling of warmth during physical activity. Membrane breathability: 80000g/m2/24h


Today we expect something more from our clothes than just a nice look. Comfort, easy care, durability and lightness are the attributes of our clothes that we achieve thanks to the use of the LYCRA ® fibres. According to the market research these are the most important features, apart from look, that clients expect from the clothes they buy.

PRESSURE-FREE FLAT SEAMS. All our products have the pressure-free flat seams finished with a pressure-free trim with a triple decorative seam. They are made on the professional autolap machines.
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